Friday, November 5, 2010

Cuba Entries Day 6 -- 3:00 ish pm

So yesterday was St.Patty's day and it was full of drama and rain. Jenna's guy Kel totally ditched her and so our night was spent drunkenly walking back and forth from bar to house to the discotheque. Can I just say to sum up the night: boys suck most of the time apart from Caroline's wheel.
Honestly, I had no intention to bring --- drama down to Cuba with me but obviously its me and so it's unavoidable.
I nee to change my ways...
Now I've got a fucking rash on both my hands, got freckles on my nose which is mad peeling, my voice is gone, again, and I have sun spots all over my arm. But I guess it's all going towards a good cause... being tanned!

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