Friday, April 9, 2010

I Just Cracked

Everything was building up.
I just cracked to the two most important friends I have.
Now they probably think I'm a nutcase because I didn't fully tell them what is really bothering me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Squeamish Leech

Blink once at me and I will smile;
Blink twice at me and I will speak.
Don’t blink at me but stare and I will love.
From minutes to years to a life time, love has become a stain,
Confining me to worship the air that blows past you,
To worship the sun that powers the days you live.
The hours you waste, I cherish;
To worship the holiest friendship,
I cradle it like a babe.

From that smile to those eyes,
The crinkle on your brow,
To the mole bonded to your neck,
And the lips that share each pleasurable gesture.
Talk to me and I will echo,
Touch me and I will feel.
Be my senses,
Guide me through life.
Wash me up to shore.
Consume me, saturate me, and hallucinate me.
Of me, and you, you and I, Us and We,
Together, united, coupled and indivisible.

I am your pilgrim.
I am your host.
I am yours as you are mine.
When you visit me, you are my God.

You became my sun, of which my days revolve around,
You became the rush of rose that feed my cheeks,
You became my thoughts and reasons.

If time had taught lovers to love
Our love would be timeless.
You taught me to love the right way,
You did nothing but plead for it, I did nothing but compete for it.
You were once all that I loved.
I did try my best to protect all that I loved, and that was you,
I was sucked, I was drained and I was naive.
But I was in love with you, beloved.

Be loved, love,
And love, love,
As time passes even if you do not love, love,
You will always be loved, love.

Separated, singular,
Apart and broken,
You or I,
Me as me,
You, only you.
To never be.

Now I, cold bitter squeamish leech, am ready to unhinge my swollen lips, my grey heart, and my cold soul from you.
- Ashley Gaete