Friday, November 5, 2010

Cuba Entries Day 4 -- 10ish pm (yeah, the angry one)

I have such 'great' friends. Seriously, you guys completely ditched me just cuz the PEI boy, Andrew, wanted to chill. So I was LEFT ALONE with him. This must be a complete joke to you guys but honestly its sad. He really is a nice guy (just saying). But FUCK! Jesus what if he wasn't? What if he was a complete sketch who raped me because none of you were there?! This is the fucking SEAN situation on my bday allllll over again! Why does this always happen to me every time? Maybe it's cuz I'm not a bitch[hahah thats a good fucking joke]? So while you guys are fucking clubbing it up, I'll be here in my room, bored and confined to my fucking room cuz I told him I felt really tired and sick. I hope I'm in the back of your minds while your tongues are in the back of some next guy's throat. I hope tomorrow will be a different fucking night cuz right now I feel like I came to Cuba ALONE! It doesn't feel great.

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