Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 30

Someone you miss.

We're miles apart but best friends at heart.

Day 29

A picture that makes you smile.

My three electro heroes.

Day 28

A picture of something you're afraid of.

The death of anyone I love. It's almost selfish in a way that I'm scared of it and how it will impact me.

Day 27

A picture of you and a family member.

Mommy and me.

Day 26

Something that means a lot to you.

Friendship means a hella lot to me, more than words or a picture can describe.

Day 25

A picture of your day.

TTC subway delay on my train that made me late for work.

Day 24

Something you wish you could change.

I wont say things like world peace or poverty because realistically I cannot change that. One thing I can change is the lives of those around me, or at least make an impact on them. I try to because I love my friends.

Day 23

A picture of your favourite book.

I don't read much. I'm more of a writer than a reader if that makes any sense since the two go hand-in-hand. But I love a good book that makes me laugh. Although this isn't a novel this is my favourite reading material aka BOOK.


Day 22

Something you wish you were better at.

I wish I was better at being punctual with my school work. I'm a HUGE procrastinator.

Monday, November 29, 2010

three 45 aye-em.

I've become so used to having a messed up sleeping pattern that this is normal. Thankfully the christmas break is only 2 weeks away...ahhh sleep i miss you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 21

A picture of something you wish you could forget.

I have no regrets. There are things I have done which were very questionable but everything happens for a reason; experiences lead to lessons.

With that said, there are things that I have forgotten which I wish I remembered.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 20

A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel

Australia has always been on the top of my travelling list.

Day 19

A picture of you when you were little.

Back in my modelling days... sigh.
This is also me circa when I had no front teeth!

Day 18

A picture of your biggest insecurity.

I know its so superficial but I'm scared of losing (or never gaining) my looks.
There's always something you want to change about yourself, am I right?
(I'm the one on the left)

Day 17

A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

University has made a huge impact on my life recently. Starting all over; fresh this time because all my friends went to different universities, some far away, others still in the city.
Having to face myself without my friends has taught me to become more mature within the last couple of months.

Day 16

A picture of someone who inspires you.

Jessi Cruickshank. Oh my, this lady is my IDOL! Her humanitarian efforts have inspired me to live a better life. I look up to her as a fellow vegetarian. Her interviewing tactics are fresh and modern. Her fashion sense is so bang on! I've met her and she is a sweetheart.

Day 15

A picture of something you want to do before you die.

Learn to ride a bike. It's sad that I'm 18 and don't know how to ride one, but I'm determined that it will happen one day...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 14

A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

My parents <3

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 13

A picture of your favorite band or artist.

Very tough decision I had to make.
But ultimately my favourite artist has got to be DRAKE.
Drizzy, thanks for reppin' Tdot and our 'hood' Foresthill <3

Day 12

A picture of something you love.

My city: Toronto.
Born here, raised here, might as well die in the best place on earth!

Day 11

A picture of something you hate.

When people say something is retarded or gay.
Common now, we all go/went to school. We are educated. Can't you find words that ACCURATELY describe what you mean?
Using these words makes you look stupid, very-very stupid.
PS. I also hate insects (but its kind of a cliche to answer this question with that answer, no?)

Day 10

A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with.

I had to think hard about this one becuase I've done A LOT of messed up things with a few individuals.
Then I re-thought the question.
Who do I say/do/act the most messed up around?
Anna. Im so comfortable to sit on a toilet, take a picture of me and send it to you as a joke.
I'm not a laywer but if that ain't messed up well, I don't know what is.

Day 9

A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

I wouldn't have learned a lot or epxerienced what I have if I never met you. Thanks for being there when I needed you and letting me learn on my own when the time was right.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 8.

A picture that makes you laugh.

I don't remember how we came up with this but I'm glad we did.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 7.

A picture of your most treasured item.

My cellphone (keeps me connected).

Day 6

A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

Tie between Jessi Cruickshank and Megan Fox.
Jessi is the journalist and television personnel I dream of becoming.
Switching places with Megan for a day would be awesome because I'd love to know what it feels like to be drop-dead-gorgeous.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 5.

A picture of your favorite memory

Cuba, March 13-20th, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 4.

A picture of your night.

lapse of judgment or a cry for help?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3.

A picture of the cast from your favorite show.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 2.

A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
Anna Chouchkova. Best friends since senior kinder garden. Love this girl to death!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Day Photo Challenge.

So theres this fad going around on facebook where you post a picture each day for 30 days in accordance to what each day asks you for.
I think I'll do this, unlike my failed daily music blogging ahaha!
Today is day 1:
A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

1- My name Ashley was inspired by the crystal and glass store William Ashley
2- I have four pets, two fish and two birds. I love them all!
3- Without music, I'd be nothing.
4- I'm in first year university studying Media specializing in Journalism
5- I am mistakenly taken for an asian.
6- I'm actually fully Chilean but my parents' gene pools are very mixed which could explain why my looks confuse people.
7- People think me and my half asian friend Midori are related somehow...
8- I have a little sister who is OBSESSED with Justin Bieber
9- I love watching hokcey
10- I can't properly skate for my life.
11- My hero is Sidney Crosby
12- I don't know how to ride a bike
13- I love my city so much. Reppin TDot till I die.
14- Im really such a lady but I act like a guy sometimes.
15- My dream is to be working on television one day!

November 7th's music minute

Hands down Kardinal Offishall has come out with Toronto's official anthem.
This song gets us Torontonians pumped up and as one guy said, I think it should be the raptor's anthem too!

If you're from Toronto lemme see your hand up!

The Anthem- Kardinal Offishall

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cuba Entries Day 7 (FINALE)-- 12:30pm

So today is our last day in Varadero, Cuba. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! No matter all the drama we've been through in the past seven days I can say I've had a blast! I'm going to miss the cycle of red-flag-yellow-flag waves, the salty water, the plastic bag-looking jellyfish, the casual wave riding pelicans, the too-strong drinks, the stars, the overly friendly resort staff, the drunken old men, the burning Cuban sun, the ocean view our balcony gave us, the towel sculptures our maid left us, the sand between my toes and deep in my belly button, the erra moments, ALL the drunken sluts and man whores, the margarita pizzas, the resorts homeless dogs, the fish in the pond, the smell of constant Cuban cigar smoke, the feeling I get when I see "Vinny", our sand boobs and sand dicks, and most of all I'm going to miss the feeling I found here of not giving a shit and releasing all my problems.
Gracias Cuba, te amo!

Cuba Entries Day 6 -- 3:00 ish pm

So yesterday was St.Patty's day and it was full of drama and rain. Jenna's guy Kel totally ditched her and so our night was spent drunkenly walking back and forth from bar to house to the discotheque. Can I just say to sum up the night: boys suck most of the time apart from Caroline's wheel.
Honestly, I had no intention to bring --- drama down to Cuba with me but obviously its me and so it's unavoidable.
I nee to change my ways...
Now I've got a fucking rash on both my hands, got freckles on my nose which is mad peeling, my voice is gone, again, and I have sun spots all over my arm. But I guess it's all going towards a good cause... being tanned!

Cuba Entries Day 4 -- 10:30ish pm (Post Tam and Kitti visit)

[Feelings better at this point and after a good cry]
Random facts I found out tonight:
1.) PEIs name is Andrew
2.) Andrew is 17 and in grade 11 because...
3.) He had brain surgery last year.
4.) Andrew is epileptic
5.) His birthday is November 13th (--- and ---'s bdays are also in November)
6.) PEI has a drink called Moon Shine/ Firewater which is 95% alcohol (soooo illllleeeegaal its nawt funny)
7.) I'm still in love with --- for no good reason.
8.) I wish Anna and Nigel were here... bffls (shout out)
[side note: only half of that is true now]
9.) I miss Toronto a lot (I don't think I'll ever move away)
10.) My name is Ashley Gaete and I YELL when I'm angry.

Cuba Entries Day 4 -- 10ish pm (yeah, the angry one)

I have such 'great' friends. Seriously, you guys completely ditched me just cuz the PEI boy, Andrew, wanted to chill. So I was LEFT ALONE with him. This must be a complete joke to you guys but honestly its sad. He really is a nice guy (just saying). But FUCK! Jesus what if he wasn't? What if he was a complete sketch who raped me because none of you were there?! This is the fucking SEAN situation on my bday allllll over again! Why does this always happen to me every time? Maybe it's cuz I'm not a bitch[hahah thats a good fucking joke]? So while you guys are fucking clubbing it up, I'll be here in my room, bored and confined to my fucking room cuz I told him I felt really tired and sick. I hope I'm in the back of your minds while your tongues are in the back of some next guy's throat. I hope tomorrow will be a different fucking night cuz right now I feel like I came to Cuba ALONE! It doesn't feel great.

Cuba Entries Day 4 -- 4:45pm

Just went horseback riding. Best 20 Cuban pesos I've ever spent. My inner thighs, lower ass and lady regions hurt [like a bitch]. Guess that's what you get for straddling something for an hour! ;)

Cuba Entries Day 4

Jenna's Hickey

Cuba Entries Day 4 -- 11:45am

So last night was very legit! Super smashed. I actually don't know how I made it back from he discotheque to my beach house. We chilled with these guys from Ottawa. Apparently they're our age but they kinda looked young to me. So our name for this group of fellas is Ottawa. They consist of Sens Jersey, Orange Shirt, Blue Shirt, and Snake Bites. Orange shirt was a man whore cuz he was wheeling that blond chick from Toronto who was totally wasted. Later at the club Jenna got sloppy seconds with that guy but apparently he was good.
(Side note: Jenna's hickey HAHAHAH! OWWWOWWW)
Tamara wheeled the guy in the blue. Krista and Meghan danced with Sens Jersey but only Krista hooked up with him. And contrary to popular belief, no one hooked up with Snake Bites.
I wonder what that's like though... hooking up with someone with snake bites?
So I woke up at 6am still drunk. I lost my voice again and like an hour ago the old man who I danced with walked by. I still think he's around 40 but Tam thinks he's 60! Whatever.
Last night I also danced with PEI guy aka SPIKE FAIL. He was okay until he grabbed my ass. He did that to Tamara too... He was really excited that we all were from TDOT, I guess it's cuz Prince Edward Island gets boring.
Tonight we're getting messy again/going clubbing. But I don't think I'll get shittered again just cuz tomorrow is St.Patty's... that way I can go CRAZY =D

Cuba Entries Day 3 -- 3:30pm

Today is such a good day to play beach volleyball and swim in the water... and that's what we did! Finally swam int he ocean after like 15.5 years of my life. It was cool at first when we were nearest to the shore but after 10 metres out and three mouth fulls of salt water, it was all way too much for me. I started to freak out cuz I couldn't swim back to shore as the currents were getting stronger. I was actually in the same spot for a good minute while struggling. I called Kitti and Caroline to help. they tried to keep me calm until we got onto the shore.
I'm never swimming out again after the current is under a yellow flag alert.
Volleyball was fun cuz my team rawked! Can I say the other team got served?! LOL. We bought matching bracelets that say "Cuba" on it... very cute! And after chatting it up with another Toronto boy,(who was hot btw) we found out there is a beach party tonight! LEGIT. FINALLY, we're going out. Like we pre'd for the discotheque last night with Cuban cigars but people were tired so we flopped out on the night. I wonder how ----'s night was at Circa... with ----. Oh and what about his Friday night with brainer girl?
I only mentioned him cuz I just saw a pelican fly by...
OMG Tamara brought me a conch!!!

Cuba Entries Day 2 -- 3ish pm

Kay so the bar tender at the pool is kinda sketch but still a super fun guy. We were in the main pool and Krista told us the reason she was all MIA was because she checked the [resorts] computer to see if she got accepted into MIT.. which SHE DID!!!!!! She's on this ting that kinda like a waiting list. Still it's super great news! So we went to the bar to celebrate and we took tequila shots with him (I think his name started with an E). After the shots he asked us for our names and then kissed our hands, no big I guess.
So like ten minutes later we go back for some beers and he takes me as a demo to show how Cubans welcome each other...
Step 1- Kiss on the right cheek
Step 2- Kiss on the left cheek
Step 3- kiss on the lips..
That one I would not do. He kept insisting though and it became awkward but he was still cool with us and brought our beers even after we ditched him at the bar.
Tonight we are continuing the celebrations by clubbing and Cuban Cigars! SAH-FUCKING-SHWEEET

Cuba Entries Day 2 -- 12ish pm

I just went to this snack bar to order a snack. Turns out they only have things with meat in them. So once I asked for something without meat they were stumped. The Cubans actually think I'm crazy! I said in Spanish that I couldn't eat 'carne', meaning meat. Then they asked [if I could eat] chicken. I still said no. So I ended up ordering a hot dog... It's been a month since I've had meat... this shall be interesting... here I go to my bite...

and here is a picture of Jenna obviously enjoying her meal.

Cuba Entries Day 2 -- 11am

A bird just shit on me. Must be my lucky day.

Cuba Entries Day 2 -- 10ish am

Last night was cut short by the fact that everyone was super tired. For me, I woke up at 7:45am after having gone to be[d] at 10 pm. I know, that's like the first time I've gone to bed early on my own in like over a year! It's refreshing here, I still haven't smoked a Cuban but I feel like today I will. Oh and I also haven't tanned yet. It's no surprise cuz I'm like albino. I just want to swim in the ocean but they keep putting up red flag warnings due to the [strong] tides and the currents bringing jellies onto the shore. I'm going to take another dip in the pool then join the water aerobics!
ps. I heard one of my first Latin dance songs here :)

Cuba Entries Day 1 -- 1ish pm

OMG, never have I ever been in such an insanely beautiful place! On our ride to our resort from the airport I saw many eagels, cows and horses. I love it here but it's sad to know that we're just in the controlled tourist area. The real Cuba isn't this blue and white paridise. I even saw some of it too... We drove past some of the slum-looking homes. It's sad to see such a disparity.
I want to smoke a Cuban before the day ends.
We already have had two drinks in the past first hour [that] we've been here. This place is just chills. I love getting away from everything...
going to soak up some sun and drink more. VIVA CUBA!

Cuba Entries: Day 1-- 7:47am

Sitting Here in the waiting area with Tamara, Caroline, Jenna, Meghan and Care's Mom and Bro... Jokes Kitti and Krista just came back from the bathroom!
Been here since 4:50am. It's bright outside. I CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back from St.Catharines!

Ello! Yes I'm back from my short but sweet trip to Brock U in St.Catty's!
Living the dorm life made me realize that I wouldn't be cut out for it... in the two days there I was not eating properly AND my skin broke out with blemishes.. yikes right?
Guess I'll be a city girl for life, all I got to do is find an apartment for next year...

In the mean time, here is today's song:
Who's That Chick- Rihanna ft. David Guetta

I love the video... if anyone is still looking for costume ideas, there are a couple of great ones in the video. Or perhaps let the video inspire you for other things.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6th-- better late than never.

Guess I havent been posting daily... sorry about that.
So today's song is legit both a powerful song as it was a video experience.
You have probably heard of this becuase I mean, when two powerhouses colaborate, it's kinda hard not to miss out on it.
Ladies and gents, I give you:

No Love- Eminem ft. Lil Wayne

(go check out the video too, it's on Eminem's vevo page)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Intro to making me fall alseep (intro to media writing)

This lecture is killing me. We spent the first half of it talking about articles we found interesting and just rambled on about it...
thankfully I was smart enough to bring my laptop to distract me from this pointless lecture.

So tonight if you are free there is an art show opening brought to you by the lovely folk at ManifesTO (including me).
I will be there and it really will be killer.

DJ's, preformers, and urban (cool) art.
Tonight is opening night and its pay what you can, what a great deal!
The location has changed to 99 Sudbury st.
here's the link:

Made ya look.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday midnight's combo.

Its September 20th (technically since it's 12:47am) and here is the VERY postponed song of the day:
Freak (pon de floor) remix by Estelle ft Kardi (yeeee home town reppin)
This mashup of the two songs really makes you want to shake your rump.

PS. I just recently purchased a DSLR camera and I'm LOVING IT.
Although it left me with $12.00 in my bank account, I'm inlove with it as if it were my child.
Any thoughts as to what I should name my baby? (twitter me @ashleygaete)

camera in the picture is not my Cannon Rebel T1i, although, the picture was taken with my camera.

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 12th.

Straight watched this from the 2010 VMA's.
Runaway - Kanye West

Let's have a toast.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just D.A.N.C.E.

One song that I always played at every summer jam I hit was MSTRKRFT's remix of Justice's D.A.N.C.E..
Props kids.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A new ritual

This is labour day long weekend and what I am doing?
-Sitting in my room
-Im alone.

All of my friends have pretty much left for their universities and "lucky me", my uni is within TTC distance (1.5 hours).

So all this alone time has got me thinking, and thinking, and thinking.

I've decided that hopefully on a daily basis I will post a blog entry promoting a song of the day type dealio.

Since Manifesto is starting soon I can and definately will be consumed with the Toronto music scene sooo I can promise you that I will be posting anything I hear thats cool.

So for September 5th here's what I've got:
Professor Green's Monster (the dubstep remix)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

riddle me this

"I'm inlove with my best friend. I've been inlove with him for about 5 years but he likes this girl he's been seening for a bit. My jealousy will only tear us apart. What to do, what to do?"

Oye vey.