Friday, November 5, 2010

Cuba Entries Day 4 -- 10:30ish pm (Post Tam and Kitti visit)

[Feelings better at this point and after a good cry]
Random facts I found out tonight:
1.) PEIs name is Andrew
2.) Andrew is 17 and in grade 11 because...
3.) He had brain surgery last year.
4.) Andrew is epileptic
5.) His birthday is November 13th (--- and ---'s bdays are also in November)
6.) PEI has a drink called Moon Shine/ Firewater which is 95% alcohol (soooo illllleeeegaal its nawt funny)
7.) I'm still in love with --- for no good reason.
8.) I wish Anna and Nigel were here... bffls (shout out)
[side note: only half of that is true now]
9.) I miss Toronto a lot (I don't think I'll ever move away)
10.) My name is Ashley Gaete and I YELL when I'm angry.

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