Friday, November 5, 2010

Cuba Entries Day 4 -- 11:45am

So last night was very legit! Super smashed. I actually don't know how I made it back from he discotheque to my beach house. We chilled with these guys from Ottawa. Apparently they're our age but they kinda looked young to me. So our name for this group of fellas is Ottawa. They consist of Sens Jersey, Orange Shirt, Blue Shirt, and Snake Bites. Orange shirt was a man whore cuz he was wheeling that blond chick from Toronto who was totally wasted. Later at the club Jenna got sloppy seconds with that guy but apparently he was good.
(Side note: Jenna's hickey HAHAHAH! OWWWOWWW)
Tamara wheeled the guy in the blue. Krista and Meghan danced with Sens Jersey but only Krista hooked up with him. And contrary to popular belief, no one hooked up with Snake Bites.
I wonder what that's like though... hooking up with someone with snake bites?
So I woke up at 6am still drunk. I lost my voice again and like an hour ago the old man who I danced with walked by. I still think he's around 40 but Tam thinks he's 60! Whatever.
Last night I also danced with PEI guy aka SPIKE FAIL. He was okay until he grabbed my ass. He did that to Tamara too... He was really excited that we all were from TDOT, I guess it's cuz Prince Edward Island gets boring.
Tonight we're getting messy again/going clubbing. But I don't think I'll get shittered again just cuz tomorrow is St.Patty's... that way I can go CRAZY =D

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