Friday, November 5, 2010

Cuba Entries Day 2 -- 3ish pm

Kay so the bar tender at the pool is kinda sketch but still a super fun guy. We were in the main pool and Krista told us the reason she was all MIA was because she checked the [resorts] computer to see if she got accepted into MIT.. which SHE DID!!!!!! She's on this ting that kinda like a waiting list. Still it's super great news! So we went to the bar to celebrate and we took tequila shots with him (I think his name started with an E). After the shots he asked us for our names and then kissed our hands, no big I guess.
So like ten minutes later we go back for some beers and he takes me as a demo to show how Cubans welcome each other...
Step 1- Kiss on the right cheek
Step 2- Kiss on the left cheek
Step 3- kiss on the lips..
That one I would not do. He kept insisting though and it became awkward but he was still cool with us and brought our beers even after we ditched him at the bar.
Tonight we are continuing the celebrations by clubbing and Cuban Cigars! SAH-FUCKING-SHWEEET

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