Sunday, May 30, 2010

riddle me this

"I'm inlove with my best friend. I've been inlove with him for about 5 years but he likes this girl he's been seening for a bit. My jealousy will only tear us apart. What to do, what to do?"

Oye vey.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Prom is in less than two weeks. WOOOH!
After going to a friend's prom this weekend I can say that I am excited for my own prom now.
Although I'm flying solo for my prom, I'm thinking about it this way: I can focus on myself the whole time.

My parents make it awkward when they ask me who my date is. I tell them each time that I got rejected by my two closest guy friends and that I don't have a date.
awks awks awks awks.
So I guess I'm still a bit bitter about that subject...

Oh god. Another week, another awkward luch session about prom drama (PRAMA).
haha. LOVE IT.