Friday, November 5, 2010

Cuba Entries Day 3 -- 3:30pm

Today is such a good day to play beach volleyball and swim in the water... and that's what we did! Finally swam int he ocean after like 15.5 years of my life. It was cool at first when we were nearest to the shore but after 10 metres out and three mouth fulls of salt water, it was all way too much for me. I started to freak out cuz I couldn't swim back to shore as the currents were getting stronger. I was actually in the same spot for a good minute while struggling. I called Kitti and Caroline to help. they tried to keep me calm until we got onto the shore.
I'm never swimming out again after the current is under a yellow flag alert.
Volleyball was fun cuz my team rawked! Can I say the other team got served?! LOL. We bought matching bracelets that say "Cuba" on it... very cute! And after chatting it up with another Toronto boy,(who was hot btw) we found out there is a beach party tonight! LEGIT. FINALLY, we're going out. Like we pre'd for the discotheque last night with Cuban cigars but people were tired so we flopped out on the night. I wonder how ----'s night was at Circa... with ----. Oh and what about his Friday night with brainer girl?
I only mentioned him cuz I just saw a pelican fly by...
OMG Tamara brought me a conch!!!

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