Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tatt Me Up Baby

Yes I mean it.
At the tender age of seventeen I feel that I can make life-long commitments, which happen to come in the form of drawings on my body.
It's nothing crazy and obviously I'm not going to have one done smack dead in between my eyebrows or something but I know there are negative stereotypes associated with people who get tattoos.
1. Daddy Issues. haha (also applies to sluts, right?)(and what about girls who are sluts and get tramp stamps?... MAYJA daddy issues)
2. Getting addicted. (Ive heard first hand that they are addictive)
3. Not being able to be employable by old buffoons who think you're a rebel.

I think these stereotypes are gross; just another form of discrimination. But what about celebs who have more than enough tattoos?
Rhianna. She can parade around and earn millions and no one will judge her on her tatts. I think its kinda stupid of society to treat celebs different. Society is messed up and honestly don't get me started... that's a total other post (coming soon by the way).

OK so about a month ago I started to really want this one tattoo of a Canadian Maple Leaf. Totally influenced by the actor Jay Baruchel. He took being patriotic to the next level with this beauty:

I love my country. Love it to a million pieces, including the winter. AH, winter is my favourite season!
So my tattoo will be a tiny maple leaf on my ring finger (get it, its like I'm married to my country?!)
but it will be on my inner palm just so that the tattoo wont disrupt my wedding ring's beauty if I choose to marry one day.
Here I drew a picture of what it should look like on my hand.

Next is of the Lupus ribbon, attached to that is a butterfly which is very ironic because I get scared shittless when I see an oncoming butterfly.
But truly, Lupus has affected my best friend so in tribute to her I'm getting inked. She has to live with it for the rest of her life, so I will too.
And it doesn't hurt that the tattoo is very pretty!

Finally, I want to get the word sonrisa inked on me. It's by far my favorite Spanish word. Sonrisa is such a simple and beautiful word because it means smile (one thing I do quite often) and it reminds me of the English word sunrise.

I know three sounds a bit excessive but they are all very small and I might be planning to get another (my bird inspired me). Don't worry I wont have any of those tattoo sleeves done to me ever!

xo Ash

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