Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year!

Everyone thinks a new year will inspire you to create a goal(s).
Everyone thinks a new year means bigger and better opportunities.
Everyone thinks a new year enforces you to make a change.

I say fuck it. We all say fuck it eventually.

Really, why do a couple of hours make such a difference on our lives?

For our youth community New Years is the equivalent of Halloween; it's a time to get shit faced!

Every New Year we promise ourselves we wont drink as much, we'll stop smoking, we will lose weight and choose an active lifestyle.
Maybe this year a new trend of resolutions are starting to emerge; the better people for the world resolution.
Now, why are these the New Year resolution cliche's? It's because we start off the new year, every year, by lying to ourselves.
We are the worst liars,and we should feel ashamed.

I would like to hear from someone who actually pulled through with their past resolutions. I would like to hear from someone who wasn't weak like the rest of us.

Anyways, this year, my resolutions are (yes i made some after my friends singled me out as the only person in the group who did not make one)(yes i succumbed to peer pressure) are:
1.)NOT CARE- being self conscious is such a bad habit of mine. I need to not feel threatened by any one's presence.
2.)Use every last cell in my body to get into Ryerson's RTA program.
3.)Get over shit that happend in the past. It's called history for a reason, no?.... then again, history does repeat itself (or repeat and repeat in my wishful thinking world).
4.) Get into shape- now that i've taken GET A JOB off my list, i can pay for a gym membership.
5.) Be more involved- something I have carried on from 2009.
6.) Stop being self centred and genuinely try to help out a notha' brotha (aka my friends whom i love so very much)

Man, with resolutions I could just go on and on about my flaws and what I would try to do to fix them.

xoxo Ash.

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